How to dry hair perfectly

How to dry hair perfectly

Drying tips and tricks: Valera explains how to dry hair gently, simply and, more importantly, correctly.


Valera and its products are synonymous with reliability, quality, and safety. But Valera is also about providing care and attention to its customers, reaching the homes of anyone who wants to entrust their hair to the expertise and experience that defines the brand. This is why to obtain impeccable results, Valera offers you not just the best products on the market, but also explains how to use them in the correct and most effective way, ensuring maximum care for your health and beauty and for that of your hair.

This care also depends on how you dry your hair, using Valera Professional hairdryers at their maximum potential during each drying and styling stage, leaving you nothing less than 100% satisfied. Here are a few simple tips from Valera’s experts and professionals for impeccable and touch-proof dry hair.

Why choose a professional hairdryer

Before learning how to make the most of your hairdryer, it’s important to make sure you have the product that best suits your needs. All hairdryers in the Valera Professional range are guaranteed to have the best professional technology and an optimized air flow, offer constant temperature control during the drying stage, are lightweight, ensure low levels of noise, and have a practical grip, in order to achieve the final objective gently, quickly, and easily, with perfect results.

The perfect allies to make styling your hair easier and simpler, ensuring that your experience is unique and drying your hair is completely stress free.

How to treat your hair before and while you are drying it 

Just before you are ready to use Valera's hairdryer, spend a few essential moments to give your hair the attention it needs. Wet hair is extremely fragile. So, after you have washed your hair and before switching on your hairdryer, it helps to blot your hair with a microfiber cloth or a towel with gentle movements to avoid stressing it; only after having removed the water in excess, use your Valera Professional hairdryer keeping the temperature low until your hair is just slightly damp, holding it 20 centimeters away.

This pre-drying stage is essential to prevent damaging your hair and scalp, combining air temperature (low) and flow (high) and protecting your hair right from the first air blows. After this, you can increase the temperature of the air, using it briefly and only during styling.

Maximum shine with ionic hairdryers

There’s more. When you choose a hairdryer in the Professional line, you can also take advantage of their ionic feature. An ally for your hair’s beauty routine thanks to the millions of negatively charged ions produced by the air flow, which help lock in your hair’s natural moisture and minimize static electricity during drying and styling, bringing shine and softness throughout the length of your hair. 

Nozzles and diffusers and swivel cord 

Using the hairdryer nozzles correctly you can direct air accurately to dry and style more precisely every section of your hair, ensuring fantastic performance and providing gentle care to every part of your hair based on its specific characteristics. The result will be amazing, nothing short of what you’d expect from your beauty salon or your trusted hair stylist.

The diffusers in Valera’s Professional range are also a great help when it comes to styling, as you can create an indirect, gentle, and uniform air flow, drying curly hair and giving each curl a unique structure and maximum definition.

Valera hairdryers’ swirling Rotocord feature prevents the cord from getting tangled during use so that drying your hair becomes an easy and flawless routine, for maximum satisfaction in every aspect.


How to use your hairdryer with impeccable results 

To obtain the best results and make the most of professional hairdryers it's also important to work your way upwards, starting from the lower part and moving to the top, dividing hair into sections, using continuous and gentle movements. Drying a single part at the time can stress your hair unnecessarily and damage its natural beauty!

Styling: from choosing the right brush to setting

It’s now time to style your hair. For perfect styling, it is really important to choose the right brush and use it correctly. The use of synthetic bristle hair brushes for fine hair and natural bristle brushes for frizzy hair is ideal in combination with hairdryers. Brushes must be handled with care and left in position until hair has cooled down. Using styling-specific products and applying the right quantity is also essential! Excessive doses of product will weigh down your hair.

Cold setting

Valera hairdryers are the perfect allies to help you achieve impeccable styling, thanks to their cold air button that quickly cools down the air flow that allows you to set your hair making it easy to then style it with your hands. Complete your styling with the use of a finishing product that fixes and strengthens your impeccable look, all from the comfort of your home.

A few yet essential steps for a professional blow-dry, precise in every detail. In other words, with Valera Professional products you can easily achieve perfect styling with minimum effort, for exceptional results and a salon-like look.