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Being specialists in haircare means being able to go to the “roots” of hairdressers' needs. That is why at VALERA we are curious explorers, who investigate the needs, desires and also the dreams of modern hairstylists.

We have a direct relationship with hairdressers because this is the only way we can test solutions together and constantly improve our products over time. There is a lively, stimulating and enriching interchange.

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"For the future of VALERA, I dream of an even stronger leadership in the hair industry, further deepening the relationship with hairdressers, because that is where the keystone lies."

Flavio Soresina, CEO of VALERA


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More than a hairstylist, more than an image consultant, in our minds the hairdresser is a beauty enhancer, i.e. a beauty trigger, who understands the clients and interprets their desires, in order to enhance their unique beauty.

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