How we work

Our team of experienced specialists - technicians, product developers and designers - works directly with colleagues from market research, sales and customer service at the company headquarters in Ligornetto. In this way, we ensure that the products are developed close to the market and are optimally targeted to the needs of the customers. Our in-house Research & Development team works with hairstylists from product conception to application testing, in order to meet their needs and provide them with ideal tools.

What we have developed



The innovative swivel device for the cables of professional hairdryers puts an end to annoying tangles and protects against cable breakage. For carefree styling pleasure.

Touch Me

The first nozzle you can touch during use. It stays cool during blow-drying thanks to its self-cooling double-wall system and guarantees maximum comfort and safety.

Smart Airflow Technology

An optimised airflow inside the hairdryer ensures maximum drying performance with minimal noise.

Backstop System

The special device inside the hairdryer prevents hair from getting caught into the ventilation components and thus blocking the motor.

Sanify System

A balanced mix of temperature, ionisation and strength of the airflow creates significant antibacterial, air-improving results during blow-drying.


The airflow diagnostic system keeps the smooth operation of the hairdryer under control. A LED light indicates when the airflow is obstructed and the filter needs cleaning.