Valera has been developing and producing appliances to dry and style hair for more than 60 years. We apply our expertise in the professional hairdressing sector to products of highest quality and reliability to satisfy professional and most demanding private users.


Valera tools supply professional styling results with a respectful approach to the natural beauty of the hair.

The focal point and aim of our product development is healthy and cared-for hair.

We develop our products based on a sound scientific knowledge of hair and rely on working closely with hair specialists from university clinics, hairstylists from the professional association of hairdressers and cosmetics manufacturers.


Valera’s special technical features and accessories have been studied and developed in-house.

Our product developers ensure that products are designed specific to the market, following feedback and input from the craft of hairdressing.

Exclusive accessories such as ROTOCORD, the swivel hinge for professional hairdryer cables, distinguish our products making them unique on the market.


High performance. Low impact.

Swiss 4ever

The next generation of performance: extremely powerful, extremely durable

Swiss Metal Master

Style & Class: Professional Steel Hairdryers in a Retro Design

Swiss Nano

High performance and very easy to handle: the super-compact professional hairdryers

Swiss Light

Masters in featherweight: Ultra-light professional hairdryers

Hair Straighteners

Various Haircare Appliances

Swiss Ionic Comfort
Swiss Ionic Comfort
600 W
For personal use