NEWS - 04 December 2014

Swiss Silent Jet

No. 1 in Power & Silence

Swiss Silent Jet

The new generation of VALERA hairdryers raises the standard for professional hairdryers.

Using modern fluid dynamics simulation software, CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics), VALERA has developed Smart Airflow Technology. It optimizes and compresses the path of the internal air-stream eliminating unwanted friction and dispersion. This guarantees maximum performance with minimum noise levels.

The efficient air flow enables the Swiss Silent Jet hairdryers to achieve outstanding performance characteristics, which are unique to the market in their combination.

Swiss Silent Jet is number 1 in performance and noise minimization.

The new line comes to the market with three versions:

  • Swiss Silent Jet 8600 (2400 W) and
  • Swiss Silent Jet 8500 (2000 W), both with extra long-life AC motor,
  • Swiss Silent Jet 7500 Light (2000 W) with light DC-Pro motor.

All three of them are equipped with VALERA’s exclusive accessories ROTOCORD (swivel device in the cord preventing tangles) and TOUCH ME (styling nozzle that remains cool).

Swiss Silent Jet – powerful, quiet, elegant. With the new JET among hairdryers the Swiss Hair Specialist VALERA takes off and celebrates the anniversary year 2015: 60 years of company history.

Video Swiss Silent Jet