NEWS - 04 February 2019

Optima Light Smart

The new cosmetics mirror with automatic LED lighting − really smart!

Optima Light Smart

Maximum comfort for guests on the VALERA Hospitality Programme. A cosmetics mirror with magnifier and lighting is a constituent element of the features expected of an up-market hotel room. To make it even more convenient for guests to do their hair and make-up, or to shave, VALERA has now introduced the ingenious Optima Light Smart wall mirror: all you need to do is move your face close to the mirror, and the LED light comes on automatically. Then it switches back off again. Entirely without switches, and entirely without contact. The proximity sensor assures hygienic comfort while at the same time saving energy. Now that is smart!

The wall-mounted mirror has three-fold magnification and a diameter of 216 mm. The frame and wall holder are made of chrome-plated brass and the swivel arm is 180 mm in length. Protection class IP 44 guarantees that it can be used safely in bathrooms.

Optima Light Smart: enhances comfort and saves energy. From VALERA Hospitality.