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At VALERA, we test every component of our products: for switches and cables, we even test how many hundreds of thousands of on/off cycles or bending cycles they can sustain.

We have set up a test lab with appliances that run 24 hours a day to check all components and to keep our promises of durability and resistance. We have also developed machines that simulate the hairdresser's movements in order to repeat in the laboratory the stresses on the hairdryer at work, because for us the trust of professionals comes first.

"Our products take their time. They only come onto the market after they have been approved by us and by internationally recognised safety brands. It is in our DNA."

Simone Straticò, Technical Director

Our products are certified by:

VALERA innovation in the world of testing

Even in testing we do research to go further. We take the standards set by institutional performance tests and take them a little further. We raise the stakes in testing to raise the quality of our products.

Quality control is a pillar at VALERA and is an essential step that helps us to always find new ways to improve the product. With testing, we control and create at the same time.