Energy-Efficient Savings for Your Hair and Wallet

Energy-Efficient Savings for Your Hair and Wallet

Looking for a fast and efficient home hair-drying solution? The Valera ePower hairdryers offer not only powerful performance and user-friendly design, but also energy savings that reflect on your electricity bill. Discover the benefits of these professional-grade hairdryers today. 


Save 30% on Energy While Operating at Full Power

All hairdryers in the ePower line consume only 1600 watts – with a higher drying rate than comparable appliances with 2000 watts. This means between 25 and 33 percent less energy consumption with the same performance. Especially if you blow-dry your hair every day or even if several people in the household use one hairdryer, this energy saving is also noticeable in the electricity bill. The secret: an environmentally friendly digital motor that Valera's engineers have set for low consumption.


Digital Engine Technology: The Future of Eco-Friendly Performance

Brushless digital motors, equipped with four robust magnets, outperform traditional motors that rely on graphite carbon brushes. By eliminating friction-induced wear, these motors boast a lifespan of up to 10,000 hours – 5x that of standard AC motors. They also promote a greener operation by preventing the release of carbon dust. These motors, being both potent and lightweight, ensure rapid drying and a comfortable grip.

The ePower hairdryer series showcases three distinct models, each varying in size but delivering consistent power and features. Impressively, every model in this line is ultra-light, tipping the scales at under 500 grams without the cable.


ePower 2010: Compact for Ultimate User Comfort

Measuring just 17 centimetres in length and weighing a mere 445 grams (excluding the cable), the ePower 2010 hairdryer stands out as one of the most compact models available today. Its user-friendly design makes it perfect for daily use, effortless storage, and travel essentials.


ePower 2020: Timeless Classic in Standard Size

For individuals seeking a mid-sized, standard dimension hairdryer, the ePower 2020 model is a top pick. Weighing in at a mere 485 grams (excluding the cable) and boasting an ergonomically designed handle, it promises a perfectly balanced and comfortable drying experience.


ePower 2030: Extended-Length for Flexible and Diverse Styling

Experience unparalleled styling flexibility with the ePower 2030 hairdryer. Its unique elongated design allows for versatile grip—be it the handle, the cool blowing tube, or the motor body. Tailor your hold for utmost comfort. Impressively lightweight, this model weighs just 475 grams excluding the cable.


Professional Hair Styling Accessories: Always At Your Fingertips

Experience unhindered styling with Valera's professional hairdryers, boasting a 3-metre-long flexible cable for optimal mobility. Bid farewell to tangled cables with the innovative Rotocord swivel device that moves as you do. Elevate your blow-drying sessions to salon standards: the package comes equipped with two precision nozzles for sleek straightening and a curl diffuser to delicately style natural curls or permed locks.


Achieve Shiny Hair & Enjoy a Comfortable Blow-Drying Experience

Swiss-engineered for more than just drying, this professional hairdryer prioritizes your health and wellness. Featuring the antibacterial SANIFY Sanitizing System, it promotes a safer and healthier environment during use. Moreover, the airflow releases negative ions, ensuring your hair not only shines healthily but also remains protected from dehydration. The ion generator further tames frizz and fly-aways, ensuring a salon-fresh look every time you style.


Conclusion: Experience salon-quality styling right at home with Valera ePower, while also relishing the benefits of energy and cost savings. These durable devices, equipped with an eco-conscious digital motor, not only champion environmental protection but also set the gold standard in professional hair care. Valera, Swiss hair specialists since 1955.


Here are the three ePower hairdryers in detail:

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