A professional hair drying experience with Valera ePower 2010

A professional hair drying experience with Valera ePower 2010

Ann introduces the Valera ePower 2010 hairdryer on her blog lifeisabeachcocktail and explains why choosing a good professional hairdryer is so important for hair care and styling at home and when travelling. With her kind permission, we publish her article.


Why does hair drying matter

I didn’t realize how important the quality of a hairdryer could be until I happened to try Valera hairdryers… While traveling, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that my hair looked much better than usual, resembling a salon-finished look that lasted for several days, even though I used the same cosmetics as always. This caught my attention, and after some investigation, I found out that the hairdryer I had been using was from this premium Swiss brand that I had known for many years. I’m grateful they sent me their new eco-friendly hairdryer to try out – keep reading to learn everything about it!


Why is this hairdryer so cool?

The Valera brand has created the ePower2010, an eco-friendly product that ensures professional hairstyling with a minimal environmental impact. As a result, it reduces the amount of electricity needed for hair drying by 30%, while still delivering the same drying performance and styling results as a salon hairdryer, contributing to sustainability. What’s even better is that the hair-drying process is incredibly quick, making it a true time-saver. Now, my hair looks stunning without all the hassle.

Additionally, its motor has an impressively long lifespan of up to 10,000 hours, which has impressed even the most demanding hairstylists and home users. With sustainable power and an intelligent air control sensor for longer life, this means you won’t need to buy another hairdryer every two or three years, which also helps save our planet.

The ionic function, featuring ionized airflow, takes care of your hair and protects it against bacteria. Ionic technology is particularly beneficial for thicker, dry, or frizzy hair. If you’re looking for volume and fullness, this hairdryer is perfect for you. This fantastic tool not only prevents hair from overheating but also leaves it looking incredibly healthy, with more volume than ever before and a beautiful shine.

Thanks to its lightweight and practical design, this hairdryer is convenient to use and requires very little storage space – ideal for travelers like me! Moreover, its 3m cable never gets tangled thanks to its patented ROTOCORD technology. I’m thrilled that my cable is no longer a mess.


I want this hairdryer for its high quality

It’s often said that quality trumps quantity, and I can personally attest to the fact that this hairdryer is a worthwhile investment for your hair. Not only is the difference noticeable in your hair, which even stays in better condition and is easier to comb and style, but also in the quality of the dryer’s features. When you switch temperature settings, it adjusts instantly, and the dryer truly blows twice as powerfully as my old one, cutting drying time in half. The sensor indicating the airflow is also incredibly practical, and I hope this stylish assistant will serve me well for a long time. The Swiss brand with Italian roots, founded in 1955, undoubtedly upholds stringent quality standards and has a remarkable track record with more than 60 years of tradition in crafting exceptional hairdryers.


Watch this video on how to create quick ‘beach waves’ within a few minutes with this tool:


I can’t wait to give you more updates and try out new hairstyles! Have you ever realized that hair drying could be life-changing for your hair?