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To hairdressers who want to explore, to professionals who know how to enhance the unique beauty of each person, to those in love with the thousand shades of colour, Valera dedicates an exclusive line that combines the best of technology and innovation that has been developed since 1955, for a true 'wow' effect on hair styling. 

UNIQUE is only available on the Valera website, to offer you a super-customized shopping experience.

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UNIQUE is made by unique people for unique people.

“With the UNIQUE line, we want to make an evolutionary leap in the history of our company, creating a unique and direct relationship with the professional. For us at VALERA, every hairdresser represents a driving force to improve our products and the results of hair salon work.”

Flavio Soresina, CEO and founder of VALERA
We are specialists, innovators, and dreamers.

"VALERA's design places great emphasis on durability, because the longer the product lasts, the more sustainable it is, but also on serviceability, so much so that every single component of our luminaires is serviceable."

Simone Straticò, Technical Director
We are sustainable in our actions

"At VALERA one breathes a great sense of dedication to work. I learnt my sense of responsibility from working here for 42 years."

Paola Presutti, Service and Production
Control is part of our DNA

"Quality control is a pillar at VALERA and is an essential step that helps us to always find new ways to improve the product. With testing, we control and create at the same time."

Francesco De Castro, Lab Manager


UNIQUE is the result of innovative research into the effect of heat on coloured hair. Dark, cool, toned, bold or highly pigmented, the combinations of temperature and air
speed of UNIQUE hairdryers allow all hair to be treated in the best possible way, protecting it from damage and loss of colour.

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