Made in Switzerland. With passion

Like all VALERA products, UNIQUE was born in our large laboratory in Ligornetto, Switzerland, a concentration of technologies, instruments, minds, and hearts pursuing a common dream: to give excellence the form of a hair care device.

Hairdryers, straighteners, clippers, every UNIQUE product is the result of know-how that has been handed down and expanded for almost 70 years, from expert to expert.

Our technological excellence is made to last

We have a cutting-edge team of technicians, engineers, product developers and designers who drive hair care technology one step further, every day.

The aim is to create products that are long-lasting, reliable, surprising, and intelligent, to meet the needs of professionals.

Here are the achievements that fill us with pride and make Valera world famous


eQ Aircontroller

The airflow diagnostics system for perfect hairdryer operation at all times.

Sanify System

Technology that optimises the airflow inside the hairdryer for top performance with very little noise.

Backstop System

The device that keeps hair from getting caught in the fan assembly, to prevent the motor from stalling.

Smart Airflow Technology

Technology that optimises the airflow inside the hairdryer for top performance with very little noise.

Touch Me

The first nozzle you can touch during use, thanks to the double-walled self-cooling system.


The innovative cable swivel device that frees you from tangles and broken cables.

Being craftsmen of technology is our revolution.

At VALERA, technology cannot function without the hands of our experts. Hands that know, feel, assemble, adjust. Hands that have stories to tell and take care of every product detail.

In a highly competitive market, where fashion, trends and numbers dictate an increasingly frenetic pace, our human touch is a value that we strongly defend and that you can experience in the quality of our appliances, but also in our approach to service and support and in our very personal relationship with hairstyling professionals.