Swiss Silent Jet 7500 Light professional hairdryer

2000 W

Power, the light way

The high performing though lightweight PM-Pro motor delivers professional drying power in a low weight and low noise hairdryer.

Swiss Silent Jet 7500 Light professional hairdryer



The Swiss Silent Jet 7500 Light  features a super-light professional motor and optimised airflow for quiet, powerful drying. Its elegant design, ergonomically shaped handle and convenient switches maximise comfort during hair styling, in the salon and at home. Swiss Silent Jet 7500 Light: light, quiet, powerful. The jet among hair dryers.


  • PM-Pro motor
  • Ion generator
  • SuperFlex cable 3 m with ROTOCORD
  • 6 air flow/temperature settings
  • COOL air button
  • Removable metallic filter
  • 2 professional concentrator nozzles (TOUCH ME cool nozzle 7,5 cm, standard nozzle 6 cm)
  • Curl diffuser


  • 2000 W
  • Drying 20 % faster*
  • Air pressure: 2750 Pa
  • Air flow: 66 m3/h
  • Ultra-silent: 59 dB(A)
  • Weight without cable 450 g

*Compared with other DC motor hairdryers.


  • PM-Pro-Motor

  • Sanify System

  • Smart Airflow

  • Backstop System

The heart of the Swiss Silent Jet Light professional hairdryer is its particularly light yet powerful PM-Pro motor. Even though it is much more compact than classic AC motors, the PM-Pro motor generates a powerful airflow, which Valera has additionally optimised with its exclusive Smart Airflow Technology.

Valera's SANIFY system has an antibacterial, air-improving effect for a safer, healthier ambience and a new sense of well-being when styling your hair.

Swiss Silent Jet dries your hair faster than comparable hairdryers. The excellent drying performance is based on Valera's Smart Airflow Technology, which optimises the path of the airflow through the hairdryer.

Valera's exclusive Backstop System inside the hairdryer prevents hair from getting caught into the ventilation components and blocking the motor. A protected motor means a long life for your hairdryer.