Sustainable Hospitality: Embracing the Swissness Tradition

Sustainable Hospitality: Embracing the Swissness Tradition

In the travel and hospitality industry, there's a pronounced shift towards services emphasizing the well-being of guests and planet-friendly practices. Valera, a leading Swiss brand, introduces the Valera Hospitality hairdryer line, tailored specifically for hotels and accommodations, showcasing their commitment to eco-friendly appliances. Discover why the Valera Hospitality range stands as a hallmark of Swiss quality, durability, and safety.


The Rising Trend of Sustainability in the Hospitality Sector

Sustainable tourism in hotels: A growing number of hotels are embracing the call for eco-friendly practices and taking active steps towards responsibility. Prioritizing the guest's wish for a safe and enjoyable stay, they are integrating comprehensive sustainability measures into their offerings. Efforts include minimizing plastic packaging, switching from disposable items to recyclable and eco-conscious alternatives, and ensuring energy efficiency in hotel rooms with the use of high-quality electrical appliances.


Valera Hospitality: Swiss Excellence for Eco-Friendly Hotel Solutions

Hotel Hairdryers by Valera: For decades, hairdryers have been an essential amenity in hotels, from wall-mounted models in bathrooms to handheld options tucked away in drawers. Valera Hospitality provides a diverse array, tailored for both traditional and contemporary hotels, suitable for small or luxury rooms. Earning global acclaim in the hospitality sector, Valera's hairdryers are synonymous with superior performance and durability.

Expertly crafted in their Ligornetto facility located in the picturesque Swiss canton of Ticino, every Valera product embodies the quintessential Swiss values: environmental mindfulness, unmatched quality, comfort, safety, and luxury. Their hotel-grade hairdryers are noted for efficiency, low energy consumption, and perfect drying results.

Positioned amidst the stunning Swiss Alpine backdrop, Valera's commitment to environmental conservation isn't merely a corporate statement. They recognize Switzerland's natural grandeur as Europe's gem and ardently work towards preserving its magic. With a dedication to sustainable innovations, Valera continually refines their products for energy efficiency and durability.


Hotel Hairdryers by Valera: Meeting the Unique Demands of the Hospitality Sector

Aiming to secure the title of the world's top hotel hairdryer brand, Valera draws from its rich heritage in the professional hairdressing equipment arena to cater to the nuanced needs of the hospitality industry. Hoteliers prioritize attributes such as safety, user-friendliness, elegant design, and ease of cleaning when considering their room amenities.

In the evolving landscape of the post-pandemic world, hotels and accommodation providers face unprecedented challenges. Not only is there an amplified emphasis on safety and hygiene protocols, but there's also a mounting push towards sustainable practices. Modern travelers, now more than ever, weigh a hotel's commitment to eco-friendliness heavily during their accommodation selection process. Investing in robust, quality equipment has thus become paramount.

Valera's Swiss-Made hairdryers stand out, ticking all the boxes: lasting durability, serviceability, energy-efficient performance, and longevity. The meticulous choice of durable materials ensures the devices retain their pristine appearance, symbolizing the brand's commitment to excellence.


Valera Hotel Hairdryers: Leading the Way in Safety Features

Prioritizing user protection, Valera hotel hairdryers showcase advanced safety measures. Each model boasts a thermal switch with an automatic reset, preventing potential overheating risks. An intuitive on/off pressure switch ensures the hairdryer doesn't run when unattended, and for added safety, a thermal fuse is integrated. Furthermore, every wall holder is fitted with a dedicated safety switch. Especially noteworthy, the Protect line from Valera incorporates a residual current circuit breaker in its wall holder. As a testament to their commitment to top-notch safety, all Valera devices proudly display certifications from globally recognized safety institutions.



Premium Materials for Long-Lasting Valera Hairdryers

Valera, synonymous with durability and excellence, emphasizes high-quality components from the outset of product design. This ensures an extended lifespan for every Valera hairdryer. Leveraging research, testing, and vast experience, the selection process of materials remains constant, catering to user-specific needs and diverse usage environments. In the hospitality realm, maintaining a hygienic, fresh, "like-new" appearance is paramount for guest satisfaction.

The robust casings of Valera hairdryers are crafted from a uniquely durable plastic. Validated by rigorous in-house tests, supplier certifications further attest to the plastic's comprehensive quality checks. Valera's commitment to perfection is underlined by their continuous engagement with customer feedback, guiding material selections to guarantee pristine aesthetics even after prolonged use and cleaning routines.

Opting for only the best, resilient materials, Valera minimizes the frequency of unit replacements. Furthermore, as each product reaches its lifecycle end, a focus shifts to ensuring optimal recyclability of its components.

Swiss-Made Excellence: Valera Hospitality’s Diverse Hairdryer Collection

Recognized as the global leader, Valera Hospitality epitomizes the best in hotel hairdryers, proudly bearing the "Made in Switzerland" badge – a hallmark of reliability, lasting durability, and eco-friendliness. Championing both low power consumption and unparalleled performance, Valera graces over 150,000 hotel rooms worldwide with its state-of-the-art hairdryers. From flexible hose models, wall-mounted variants with integrated sockets or shaver sockets, to hand-held units showcasing designs from timeless classic to sleek elegance, there's a Valera for every setting. Designed for a professional-grade blow-drying* experience, Valera ensures guests feel pampered and cherished. Trusting in Valera means aligning with unmatched quality – a top pick for visionary, sustainable hotels. Beyond hotels, eco-aware operators from spas, fitness centers, and public spaces also vouch for Valera's excellence.