Introducing Valera's Latest Clippers: Swiss Precision at Its Best

Introducing Valera's Latest Clippers: Swiss Precision at Its Best

Swiss Excellence isn't just a name; it's a commitment reflected in Valera's newest hair clippers, crafted with precision in Switzerland. Dive into this article to uncover the benefits they bring to professionals and sophisticated users alike and discover how this Swiss innovation champions sustainability.

Valera Swiss Hair Tools: Professional Dryers, Straighteners & Clippers

Valera is a global leader in professional hairdryers, known for over 60 years of innovation in the hairdressing industry. As pioneers in haircare, our Swiss-made hairdryers have set industry standards. In 2010, we expanded our offerings by introducing the Swiss'X line of hair straighteners.

Building on our reputation as haircare specialists, we've now launched Switzerland's first professional hair clippers. Designed in close collaboration with expert hairdressers and professional barbers, our clippers are precision-engineered to meet industry-specific needs.

Swiss Watch-Level Precision: Reliable & Accurate

Envisioning a pioneering hair clipper, we sought to blend Swiss traditions of impeccable quality and dependability with the sharpness of Japanese blades. Designed for professional hairstylists and discerning individual users alike, it's crafted to align with today's sustainability benchmarks.

Featuring a durable battery, ergonomic design, blades ensuring flawless cuts, and a steadfast professional motor, Valera presents a long-lasting tool. A reflection of Swiss heritage, it's sculpted with a nod to environmental consciousness and a brighter, sustainable tomorrow.

Why the Swiss Excellence Hair Clipper is a Green Choice?

Diving deeper into the device and its lifecycle, we'll unveil how our commitment to sustainability materializes in its design and functionality.

Extended Battery Lifespan

Equipped with the state-of-the-art Li-Ion LFP battery, this latest generation offers an extended lifespan without the use of cobalt. A tailored electronic board safeguards the battery, optimizing both charging and discharging cycles. Plus, with near-zero standby consumption, it's an ideal choice for home use where the device isn't always active, further emphasizing energy efficiency.


Eco-Friendly Manufacturing

Since 2020, Valera's manufacturing facility, nestled in the Swiss canton of Ticino, has been powered entirely by green energy, specifically harnessing Switzerland's hydroelectric capabilities. Advancing their commitment to sustainability, in 2023 they inaugurated a vast rooftop photovoltaic system, enabling the factory to produce its own electricity from the sun's rays.


Full Reparability for a Better Functionality

Beyond standard repairs, the Swiss Excellence hair clipper offers a replaceable battery feature, available through service centers. Emphasizing full reparability aligns with sustainable practices, a factor that's garnering increasing attention and appreciation from users.


Conclusion: Experience the unparalleled combination of Swiss precision and design in our latest Swiss Excellence hair clippers. Crafted with durable Japanese steel blades, these clippers exemplify the highest standards of quality. Developed in collaboration with seasoned hairdressers, these tools resonate with Switzerland's enduring commitment to durability and eco-friendly practices.


Swiss Excellence is available in three versions:

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