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Today, colour plays a central role in the world of hairstyling. In the past, hair dye was just for covering grey hair. Now, colour expresses and shapes who we are. The positive vibes of colour are influencing people of all ages and genders worldwide.

Current trends are pushing towards warm and natural nuances, but in every mood, even the boldest ones, colouring remains the most popular professional treatment in salons.

The beauty technology has become a friend of hairstylists

Now you know it too: to achieve the colour result you want, hair drying is a crucial step.

With the UNIQUE hairdryers, VALERA designers and engineers have developed 3 different motorisations and 9 different temperature/air output speed combinations that:

• offer 'tailor-made' performance for each hair type

• ensure the health and beauty of hair

• protect and enhance every colour tone.

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What kind of hair do you want to treat?

We have identified 6 types of hair: golden, ash, sensitised, dark, pigmented, highlighted. Knowing the type of hair/motor allows you to take care of it and treat it in the best possible way.


A golden tint is easier to maintain by hair drying than a cold tint.


Excessive heat dilutes the ash effect and can accentuate yellow tones in blond hair.


On light or red hair, auburn, or ash, it is best to use an intermediate heat at maximum speed.


The darker the hair, the less sensitive it is to heat. For drying dark hair, maximum heat and air output is good.


Direct pigment colours (such as coloured masks) are greatly affected by heat.


In the case of streak toning done with a product with a low dye content, heat can significantly alter the final colour result (especially when the hair cools down).

  • Digital BLDC motor

  • Ac Motor

  • DC Motor

Power, reliability, high performance

- Power up to 2400 W for ultra-fast drying
- Long-life digital motor (up to 10,000 hours)
- High performance
- Programmed to have a wide temperature/airflow range

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Power, reliability, high performance

- Power 2000 W
- Service life up to 2,000 hours

- Smart Airflow technology for an optimised air jet

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Power, lightness, compactness

- Medium power 2000 W
- Gentle on stressed hair
- Smart Airflow technology for an optimised air jet

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The heat emitted by the hairdryer has a direct action on the hair fibre and on the scalp.

The heat of the hairdryer temporarily modifies the salt bridges that bind the hair fibres made up of proteins. Excessive heat can weaken the hair and cause it to break easily.

Heat dehydrates the hair because it expands the cuticles. When the cuticles open, the surface of the hair scatters light in several directions, creating a dull effect.

A heat jet that is too strong and too close can also damage the skin, which may itch, redden, become excessively dry or flaky.

Bubble hair effect: the heat of the hairdryer or straightener creates a temperature change on wet hair that causes water to evaporate very quickly, generating bubbles containing gases (sulphuric acid and carbon dioxide) that break down the structure of the hair and change it forever.

What are your expectations for a hairdryer?

That it is powerful, fast, light, manoeuvrable and as quiet as possible?
Did you know that drying your hair the wrong way can make the colour fade and undo your hard work?

With 3 motorisations and 9 drying combinations, UNIQUE transforms the hairdryer into a tool that not
only allows you to dry your hair but also to achieve your beauty goals.

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