NEWS - 11 апреля 2010

iF@N Travel

The world’s first hair dryer with intelligent automatic voltage recognition.

iF@N Travel

iF@N Travel is so smart that whenever it travels with you, it always knows where it is.
That’s because it recognises the mains voltage as soon as the plug is inserted in the power socket.
The dryer is equipped with an automatic voltage selector, a high-tech computerised system which enables the appliance to operate at both 110-125 V and 220-240 V without the need for manual adjustment.
For more convenient globe-trotting, iF@N Travel is supplied with a North American plug adapter for use in the United States, Canada and many other countries.

And as if that wasn’t enough, the display speaks for itself: the recognised voltage is indicated together with the selected power setting, temperature combinations and air flow.
The intelligent digital control has another essential feature for keeping your hair healthy and beautiful: customised heat and air flow settings.
With no fewer than 16 flow and temperature options to help you find the ideal combination, iF@N Travel is the perfect solution for any type of hair, respecting finer hair while also getting the best out of full-bodied styles.

As well as being super quiet, iF@N Travel is equipped with an automatic safety timer which switches the appliance off after 30 minutes.
The diffuser makes it indispensable for curly hair and natural hairstyles, wherever you are.
iF@N Travel is a world-first developed by Valera, a Swiss company and leading manufacturer of high-tech hair care products.

Valera and iF@N Travel, smart technology that you won’t want to travel without.