NEWS - 05 ноября 2013


The first styling nozzle you can touch


At the Berlin IFA trade fair, VALERA unveiled an absolute novelty on the hairdryer market: the professional TOUCH ME styling nozzle that, thanks to its innovative Self-Cooling Double-Layer System, never overheats.

Finally, the hair stylist can rotate and realign the styling nozzle at will while drying a client's hair. That guarantees greater comfort and creativity.

Laboratory tests prove it: the surface temperature of a conventional professional styling nozzle can reach peak temperatures of 130°/150°C during the blow-drying stage on the hottest setting, whereas the TOUCH ME styling nozzle with an average surface temperature of about 45°C remains well below that heat level and within a more comfortable range.


TOUCH ME eliminates the risk of harming yourself when putting down the hairdryer or when touching the hot styling nozzle while it is being used. This new safety feature is also an important argument for the domestic use, particularly when children are nearby.

With immediate effect, VALERA is supplying all hairdryers of the SWISS NANO series, as well as the new SWISS SILENT models with the new ultra-slim professional TOUCH ME styling nozzle (7.5 cm wide), along with a standard nozzle (6 cm wide).

With this new patent pending novelty VALERA, the leading Swiss hair specialist since 1955, demonstrates what it believes really matters in the design of haircare appliances: maximum comfort, unrestricted creativity in use and highest safety.