NEWS - 16 октября 2010

Swiss'X Brush & Shine

The first professional hair straightener with the innovative Brush & Shine natural bristle system: “a single stroke brushes hair and leaves it smooth and shiny”

Swiss'X Brush & Shine

The exclusive patented Swiss’X Brush & Shine is "Made in Switzerland".

Bolstered by over fifty years of experience in the professional hairstyling industry, Valera is pleased to present Swiss’X Brush & Shine, the innovative system combining high-performance professional straightening with the brushing effect of natural bristles.

The unique Swiss’X Brush & Shine, with its double row of natural bristle, detangles and smoothes hair perfectly in a single stroke before it is straightened, then gently brushes hair after straightening, smoothing its uticle to maximise shine and setting the style by eliminating excess heat.

Swiss’X Brush & Shine is easy to use, and the first product of its kind which can be operated with only one hand, just like a brush.

Swiss’X Brush & Shine was entirely developed and produced in Switzerland, which guarantees the quality of the materials used and offers a high degree of reliability.

The Swiss’X plate also offers several professional features:

  • Five layers of tourmaline ceramic coating encourage even heat distribution and help the plate glide over the hair more easily.
  • The Floating Plates System is an innovative system with sprung plates which adapt perfectly to the hair.
  • The ion generator hydrates hair from the inside.
  • The temperature reaches 230° in 20 seconds and is maintained at a constant level.
  • The digital display offers accurate temperature adjustment.
  • The memory feature "recalls" the ideal temperature selected previously for the user’s own hair.
  • The Safety Security system warns the user if the plate is still hot, and switches it off after 60 minutes of inactivity.
  • The ThermoCap protective hood, in heat-insulating silicone, means the plate can be safely put away immediately after use.
  • Universal Voltage ensures Swiss’X can be used all over the world.

Swiss’X by Valera: the new era of professional hair straighteners has begun.