NEWS - 14 октября 2008

Swiss Nano

We have produced a small masterpiece.

Swiss Nano

For hair stylists looking for innovation, Valera, the Swiss company that is a leader in professional hairdryers, presents SwissNano, a synthesis of technology and professionalism.

Small, practical and easy to handle: its ergonomic line provides an easy grip and allows the hairdresser to do a really great job.

Great performance, extremely lightweight, fantastic design.

SwissNano is the super-compact hairdryer that leaves plenty of room for innovation:

  • 2000 watts *
  • the new AC LONG-LIFE motor lasts over 2000 hours *
  • powerful jet of air of 72 m³/h at 120 km/h *
  • ion generator provides the hair with a “balsam effect” *
  • Tourmaline Technology: + 50% ionising effect *
  • wave resistance
  • cold air button, concentrator nozzle attachment, detachable metal filter, 3 metre SuperFlex cable.

SwissNano draws on the experience of Valera which has been producing highly professional hairdryers since 1955.

And it does so with style, elegance and state-of-the-art technology.

* in version SN 9200T