NEWS - 12 февраля 2012

Silent Power 2400 Ionic

2400 Watts - The power of a supersilent hairdryer.

Silent Power 2400 Ionic

Silent Power 2400 Ionic is constructed using Swiss technology, where power and reliability are combined to create a silent and high-performance hairdryer.

The Ionic function and Colourcare system ensure hair is cared for and its colour and shine enhanced.

  • 2400W: a powerful yet gentle supersilent hairdryer.
  • IONIC function: with indicator light on the handle, activated by means of the ION on/off button.
  • COLOURCARE: prevents the loss of colour and shine, thanks to a combination of three agents: negative ions, airflow and the TEMPERATURE MANAGEMENT system.
  • TEMPERATURE MANAGEMENT: with 6 temperature/airflow combinations, including the COOL setting, heat intensity can be customised to achieve the most suitable level for various hair types.
  • Increased airflow means that lower temperatures can be used, which stops the hair from being subjected to unnecessary stress.
  • Removable filter.
  • Volume diffuser: for wavy and curly hairstyles.

Silent Power 2400 Ionic is the result of Valera's experience within the industry; the company has been researching and designing highly technological haircare products for over 50 years.

It also respects the environment while doing so. In fact, all Valera Swiss Made products are created using 95% recyclable products.