NEWS - 05 ноября 2013


Up to 50% noise reduction


Can a powerful professional hairdryer also be a quiet one?

VALERA provides the evidence: in the new catalog which has just been published the Swiss hair specialist presents SWISS SILENT.

VALERA is equipping its flagship professional hairdryer with the SILENT SYSTEM. This involves an innovative noise-absorbing design of air inlet filter.

With an intricate labyrinth structure, special deflectors and an acoustically absorbent foam rubber insert, sound waves are redirected and absorbed.

That makes the SWISS SILENT about 2 to 3 decibels quieter than the comparable Swiss Nano model, without compromises in terms of design and performance.


A reduction of 3 decibels equates to a 50% cut in ambient noise level. An audible difference that improves the workplace environment of hairdressers and gives their customers a more agreeable hair styling experience.

There are two variants of the SWISS SILENT on the market:

  • SX 9500Y RC with a long-life AC motor and ions generator, color 'Metallic Red',
  • SX 6500Y RC with lightweight long-life DC-Pro motor and ions generator, color black.

Both models are equipped with the ROTOCORD swivel device and yet another market innovation from VALERA, the Cool Touch TOUCH ME styling nozzle.

SWISS SILENT: the quiet powerpack. Once more, VALERA, since 1955 the leading Swiss hair specialist, confirms its ambition for professionalism and continuous improvement.