NEWS - 01 декабря 2008


State-of-the-art Swiss technology, putting hands in the spotlight.


For those looking for perfection at their fingertips, Valera is proud to present ManiSwiss: an innovative high-tech range of non-slip manicure and pedicure tools. A short and simple ManiSwiss treatment gets hands and feet looking their very best.

The real novelty of the ManiSwiss range is its Hexagonal Drive System, an exclusive hexagonal cross-section coupling system with interchangeable tips for perfect, anti-slide rotation.

A particularly useful feature are its emery tips coated with fine, coarse-grain Swiss sapphire powder for improved strength and durability.

Despite being designed for professional use, the simple and practical ManiSwiss can also easily be used at home.

It comes in three different models:

  • Professional, with 14 accessories and its own travel case,ideal for professional treatment of both natural and artificial nails.
  • Cordless, with 7 accessories and its own case, rechargeable and usable without a power cord, for practical home use.
  • Travel, battery-operated with 3 accessories, with a handy pocket-sized case.

ManiSwiss upholds Valera’s traditional Swiss values. A tool that could only be the product of dependable avant-garde technology with precision engineering ensuring concrete results.

ManiSwiss: “Made in Switzerland”.