NEWS - 31 января 2008


A new line of eco-friendly hairdryers


During the next Ambiente fair in Frankfurt (8.-12.02.08), VALERA will present its new line of eco-friendly hairdryers branded ECO POWER.

These new hairdryers have distinctive eco-features and are marked with a special "nature" logo in order to help the customers to immediately recognize them for an environment-conscious and responsible purchase.

The development of the ECO POWER hairdryers is in accordance with the "VALERA GREEN Philosopy".

The hairdryers feature a high level of eco-efficiency, in terms of energy saving up to 40% and simultaneously up to 40% of better drying performance, a lower acoustic noise, a longer lifespan and 95% recyclability.

The new ECO POWER hairdryers line is a further step made by VALERA for a positive contribution to a sustainable development.