NEWS - 31 марта 2010


Absolute precision for the perfect haircut


A perfect haircut is a job for professionals, and professionals work with professional clippers.
For all those wishing for absolute precision, there is now the VALERA ABSOLUT.

This is the new set of clippers with DURABLADE – diamond-ground blades made of Japanese stainless steel.

What distinguishes Japanese stainless steel from other makes?
Firstly, its optimum carbon content makes the material remarkably hard.
This quality feature maximizes the precision of a haircut and, since the blades are resistant to mechanical wear, they remain sharp for a very long time indeed.

However, that is by no means all.
These ABSOLUT blades are diamond-ground. Grinding them with diamond, the hardest known material in existence assures an ultra-precise result.
And blades ground as precisely as this deliver the best quality of cut.

The ABSOLUT clipper is an absolute headturner in the salon: It has an eye-catching design in a red and silver colour scheme.
With its ergonomic shape, it sits comfortably in the hand and also weighs surprisingly little (only 135 g).
The clippers can be operated by battery or mains power and are supplied with a 30 mm set of blades.
These can be supplemented with 10 mm Designer and 40 mm T-Blade cutting heads which are offered separately.

ABSOLUT is the latest innovation from VALERA, a specialist provider of professional haircare appliances ever since 1955.