Valera confirmed best ionic hairdryer

Valera confirmed best ionic hairdryer

Swiss Silent Jet 8500 wins test on "Kassensturz", the TV program aimed at consumers.

What if you could achieve the perfect, healthy, and shiny hair style without leaving your home and having to go to your hair salon? If you use the right products and trust the real experts of the sector, this is entirely possible. Products must necessarily include Valera’s Swiss Silent Jet 8500 blow dryer, an important ally for the health and beauty of your hair.

After all, its excellent quality has been certified not only by the experience of the brand and the reliability of each one of its products, but also by a laboratory test carried out on 10 ionic hairdryers from different brands and different price ranges. A test organized by the TV program “Kassensturz” compared Valera’s Swiss Silent Jet 8500 with other similar products, analyzing performance, safety, and hair protection during use, thanks to its ionic technology and adjustable temperature feature. Surely enough, Valera’s Swiss Silent Jet 8500 emerged as the overall winner and best ionic hairdryer of this test.


Salon quality and expertise at home

An achievement that confirms the top quality of the Swiss brand on the hairdryer and hair styling products market in terms of reliability and performance, bringing both directly to your home and allowing you to use a professional product everyday with amazing results, nothing short of what you’d expect from a beauty salon and without leaving your home.

A product that will help you preserve your hair's beauty and health, day after day, thanks to the unique characteristics of Valera’s Swiss Silent Jet 8500 hairdryer. What makes it so special compared to other hairdryers?

Swiss Silent Jet 8500 is a professional hairdryer with a classic AC motor that is guaranteed to last long and offer a highly reliable performance, it dries hair more quickly than a traditional hairdryer (up to 35% quicker) thanks to Smart Airflow Technology. A technology that allows air to flow without obstacles, optimizing power and functionality.


Swiss Silent Jet 8500 by Valera, design and performance at your service 

There’s more. Boasting high-level design and elegant in flamboyant red, the Swiss Silent Jet 8500 hair dryer by Valera is also extremely practical to use. Its 3-meter flexible cord makes this hairdryer very easy to handle, offering great freedom of movement, for no-tangle and fuss-free use during styling.

With its two special nozzles and curl diffuser, Valera’s Swiss Silent Jet 8500 hairdryer helps you achieve salon quality styling thanks to professional accessories and technology while also protecting your hair with its SANIFY Sanitizing System, which guarantees a safe and healthy environment for your hair during drying.

A complete, quality-tested, top of the range hairdryer. Valera’s over 60 years of experience guarantee professional results for healthy and incredibly beautiful hair.


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