E-Lite eco Digital

professional hairdryer

1600 W BLDC
▶ 2000 W*
* Performance equivalent to a professional 2000 W hairdryer with AC motor.

Beauty is sustainable!

With only 1600 watts of power, it brings to your salon the same drying capacity as traditional 2000 W devices, ensuring significantly reduced energy consumption. It is reliable in every aspect: technology, consumption, durability, sustainability, and user-friendliness due to its compact size.
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  • Long-life Smart Energy Select brushless digital motor (up to 10,000 hours, 5 times longer than conventional AC motors) for super-fast drying. Its eco-friendly, high-speed drying power of 1600 W ensures the same drying performance as conventional 2000 W hairdryers.

  • Energy saving: 30%*

    Ultra-silent: 69 dB(A)

    Super light: 445 g**

    * Compared with traditional 2000 W hairdryers

    ** Weight without cable.

  • Touch Me

  • Rotocord




The nozzle that remains cool to work in safety at all times.

The swivel joint of the cable that prevents annoying twisting.

Just one press with your finger to set your look.

You can choose from six combinations of temperature and airflow.

Easy to remove for super careful cleaning."

  • eQ-Aircontroller

  • Sanify System

  • Smart Airflow

  • Backstop System

Intelligent airflow diagnostic system for consistently optimal performance.

Antibacterial action and air sanitization for a wellness effect in your salon.

Optimized airflow for maximum performance with minimal noise.

Prevents hair from getting caught in the fan, avoiding motor blockage.


Why are Valera tools professional?

The design, technical features and ergonomics of the hairdryers and styling appliances are developed by Valera in cooperation with hairstylists. The professional appliances also offer the demanding private customer the opportunity to bring the salon experience to their home.

How do I choose the right Valera hairdryer for myhair?

The length and texture of your hair will determine the healthiest way to dry it. For thick, untreated hair, choose a powerful hairdryer with a digital brushless (BLDC) or AC motor. For coloured, chemically treated and thin hair, a DC motor (Delta-Drive or PM-Pro) will be the perfect candidate. 


I want my hairdryer to be light and comfortable. Whichmodels do you recommend?

All our hairdryers are ergonomically designed and fit comfortably in the hand, because they are designed for intensive use in the hairdressing salon. If you are particularly concerned about the weight of the product, choose an ultra-light or super-light appliance. The compact models are also particularly space-saving.

Do Valera hairdryers have an ion generator? My hairis always very electrically charged, I've heard ions can remedy this.

This is true: the negative ions that are released with the air during blow-drying neutralise the positive ions in the hair and reduce their static charge, the so-called "fly-away effect". Our hairdryers with ionic function have a particularly powerful ion generator. This produces millions of negatively charged ions for beautiful shiny hair and an "anti-static" effect.