Styling with a Hairdryer

Gentle Styling

Styling with a Hairdryer

The hairdryer is and remains the number one styling tool – hairdressers and consumers not only use it to dry, but also to style hair. While blow-drying, you can straighten the hair with the brush, blow-dry your bangs round or add overall volume to the roots. Here are some tips on how to correctly and gently use the professional styling hairdryer:

Mind the distance

There should be at least a distance of 20-cm between the dryer and the hair. It is best to select a higher fan speed at a lower temperature. Excessively hot hairdryer air damages the hair and scalp.

Setting with cold air

If your hairdryer has a COOL button (e.g Ionic Wellness 2000) or a cold air button (e.g. Swiss Turbo 8200 Ionic), you use it to cool-treat the hot-styled hair. Cooling the hair down quickly fixes its shape so you can pluck at it with your fingers to finish off the look.

Centering with the nozzle

The styling nozzle (every VALERA hairdryer has one or two) concentrates the expelled air to target individual sections for drying. This is essential for styling. The hairdryer should be used without this nozzle only to pre-dry.

Structuring with the diffuser

The diffuser (also called a softstyler) is a big round attachment that produces an indirect air flow – similar to air drying. This technique is ideal for gentle drying natural curls or permed hair, shaping the curls beautifully. Some VALERA hairdryer already comes with the diffuser, for all other models you can buy the compatible diffuser as an option.

Ions for more shine

If you want to care your hair at the same time as drying and styling, use a hairdryer with ion technology. VALERA hairdryers with the ion care function have an extra powerful generator that produces millions of negative ions (e.g. Swiss Light 3300 Ionic). The negatively charged ions help to maintain your hair's natural moisture content and reduce the static charge when drying and styling. You can feel the results in hair that's soft, shiny and easy to comb.

Tricks to get more volume

Do you have very straight hair that quickly flattens to your head? Blow-dry your hair with your head down or blow the air up in several quick bursts from the bottom up through the hair. This will give you more volume and body. Also, use a round brush. Choose a slimline one (X-Brush Thermoceramic diameter 15 or 26 mm), to add volume to the roots.

Tips on styling with round brushes

Make sure you dry your hair well beforehand – with the towel first (press and pat, do not rub), then with a warm dryer from the root down. You can then use the round brush on the slightly damp hair. Use a larger brush (X-Brush Thermoceramic diameter 33 or 44 mm) for straight hair that you want to fall straight. With a smaller brush (X-Brush Thermoceramic diameter 15 or 26 mm) you can boost at the roots. Divide the hair into sections, not too wide, and start at the bottom (tie the upper sections of hair up). Use the styling nozzle on the hairdryer and blow over the brush from the roots to the tips. Hold the hairdryer at a 45-degree angle to the section of hair. This makes sure the hair does not swirl around, the air flow closes the cuticle layer on the surface and the hair shines nicely.

Care products for healthy styling

When you apply a conditioner after washing, the hair is easier to comb. This means you will not split the hair when you comb it when it is wet and sensitive. Our special tip to perfectly protect your hair: Before blow-drying, apply a heat protection spray. This gives the hair a fine coating that creates a barrier against the heat. The result: shiny, healthy looking hair.