Gentle Styling


Hair straighteners – no longer only available at the salon, more and more women (and men) have these at home. After the hairdryer, straighteners are the second most widely used styling tool among private consumers. Even though the trend is more for curls and waves, perfectly straight hair is still in fashion. And: Many hair straightener are now also suitable for curling. Read here how Swiss'X hair straighteners style the hair professionally while handling it with care:

It's all in the ceramic

With our professional Swiss’X series straighteners, developed and produced exclusively by Valera in Switzerland, you can straighten your hair with special care. Thanks to the extra thick, five-layer ceramic tourmaline coating, the plates glide effortlessly on the hair. The heat is distributed evenly, preventing also damages to the surface of the hair from overheating.

Ions for the salon-look

All Swiss’X hair straighteners feature Ceramic Tourmaline Technology to maintain your hair with negative ions while straightening. The tourmaline elements of the five-layer ceramic coating naturally react with the heat to release negative ions. The two premium appliances, Swiss’X Super Brush & Shine and Swiss’X Agility Ionic also feature a powerful ion generator that produces millions of negative ions. These negative ions help to maintain your hair's natural moisture content and prevent static charge when styling. The result is clean, shiny hair.

The temperature - it is all about the settings

Would you like to adjust the temperature when straightening your hair and always have it under control on a display? Then we recommend our Swiss’X straighteners with digital control. This tool lets you choose the optimum temperature for your hair and the style you are looking for. Coloured hair, for example, should always be styled at the lowest temperatures so as not to lose color or shine. The bonus of Swiss'X digital control: It has a memory function which stores the temperature you used last time. 

Get closer with floating plates

All Swiss’X hair straighteners include the Floating Plates System. This means their plates are floating for optimum and even contact with the hair. The straightening results are perfect after just one glide, the hair is not stressed unnecessarily by repeated Handling.

Straight & Curl: Hair straighteners that curl

Do you usually wear your hair straight, but every now and then feel like vamping up with trendy curls? That is no problem with Swiss’X hair straighteners! These appliances are designed so that you can twist sections of hair between the straightening plates into curls.