Gentle Styling


For creative minds, VALERA has a range of styling appliances that leaves no wish unfulfilled. Extra volume, crimping, loose or tight curls ... read on if you want to try out a new look more often.

Fun styling

If you like experimenting with your style, the X-Style, a 3-in-1 styling tool, is the one for you. Three different ceramic-coated irons will reawaken your creativity: straighteners, crimpers and a curling iron for corkscrew curls and waves. The ceramic coating on all the attachments allows the hair to glide better and ensures an even heat distribution. It makes the tool easy to use, brings out the shine in your hair and optimizes styling results. The straightener features an extra tourmaline treatment – for a nourishing ion effect on your style.

Four in one – for greater curl variety

One curling iron is not enough if you like to experiment. The best tool for you is the Ionic Multistyle Professional – with its four different attachments: tongs for loose and tight curls, spiral tongs for corkscrew curls and a triple waving iron. The ion generator ensures that your hair is cared for while you do all this curling: The negative ions protect your hair's natural moisture content and have an antistatic effect. Of course, all the attachments have a ceramic coating for fast gliding and optimal heat distribution. You can digitally set the right temperature for your hair.

That wow-factor: Afro curls

Looking for the imaginative Afro-look? With the professional crimping iron, Silhouette, crimping is quick and gentle on your hair. The Floating Plates System, a sprung-plate system, brings the six waves of the extra wide crimping iron into ultimate contact with your hair. The ceramic tourmaline coating optimizes heat distribution. The tourmaline naturally releases negative ions to maintain the hair while styling.

Adding volume from the roots

Enough with the straight hair sticking to your face! Straight hair and volume are no longer poles apart – thanks to an innovative development by VALERA: Volumissima, the volume iron with extra slim, wavy heat plates, brings body to the roots with a one-handed motion. Forget painful and hair-splitting backcombing! 

 Watch our video to see how easily Volumissima conjures up volume.