Colour Care

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Colour Care

Coloured and chemically treated hair (perm) is particularly sensitive to high temperatures. It tends to dry out easily from excessively hot drying and styling – the colour and luster is quickly lost.

VALERA wants to take away worries you may have with its range of appliances designed with coloured hair in mind. These are marked with the ColourCare symbol.

ColourCare appliances have a triple effect to protect your hair:

  • They release NEGATIVE IONS: either with ion generators, and/or naturally with a tourmaline content in the ceramic-coating of the straightening plates or curling irons (Ceramic Tourmaline Technology). Negative ions improve the moisture content of your hair, giving you a salon-like look and removing static. Your hair stays soft and shiny.
  • NO STRESS: Excellent performance at lower temperatures:
    • With a stronger airflow, our hairdryers dry the hair quickly at optimum temperatures.
    • Straighteners are ceramic-coated so they can glide quickly and gently over the hair, ensuring even heat distribution without overheating.
  • They feature a simple TEMPERATURE MANAGEMENT system for individual and precise temperature control.