Straight and curly styles


Straight and curly styles

My hair is a bit stressed. Can I still use a straightener?

Now and then yes, but take a few precautions. Your hair must be completely dry. Damp hair is too sensitive for styling. Before straightening, spray a Heat Protection Spray onto your hair. It forms a protective film to prevent heat damage and also has a regenerating effect.  Obviously, the temperature of the straightener should be set as low as possible: 130 degrees max. for fine hair and 170 degrees for thick hair. Our Swiss'X Agility Ionic straightener allows you to set the temperature digitally and will store your preferred setting for subsequent use. Another advantage of the Swiss'X Agility Ionic model for sensitive hair: The extra powerful ion generator plus Ceramic Tourmaline Technology helps to retain the natural moisture content of the hair. Conclusion: Straighten yes, but as gently as possible.

I use your Swiss’X Logica straightener. Now I have heard that you can also use them to create curls. Is this true and how should I do it?

Yes, you can use our Swiss'X hair straighteners to create seductive curls or waves. This tool is designed so that you can also twist strands of hair between the plates to form curls. For best results, get a friend to help you but, with a bit of practice, you should also be able to do it by yourself.

I love my straightener but do not like the way my hair lies so flat on my head. How can I get straight hair but still have some volume at the roots?

You are not alone in wanting volume at the roots when you straighten your hair. For this reason, Valera has developed the Volumissima Hair Volume Tool, a very special wand which works directly at the roots. After straightening your hair as usual, use the Volumissima wand to lift the hair at the roots. To conceal the slightly crimped spots, do not treat the top hair but lay the top strands over the strands you have lifted with the volume wand.