I have already heard of ions, but what is "Ceramic Tourmaline Technology" ?

Tourmaline is a mineral with special electrical properties. Our "Ceramic Tourmaline" means that tourmaline is contained in the ceramic layer of straighteners. This naturally releases negative ions at high temperatures.  These negative electrically charged ions are particles which are strongly present in the air after a thunderstorm and have the effect of clearing the air. They help to conserve the natural moisture content of the hair, making it smoother and easier to comb, reducing the static charge.

In your hairdryers, you use so-called "Security ripple wire heating elements". What is special about these?

Correct. Valera uses exclusively SECURITY ripple wire heating elements. The heating elements is waved rather than coiled. The entire processing of the heating elements occurs fully automatically directly onto the micanite carrier. This guarantees maximum precision, ensuring even temperature distribution and a longer life for the heating element. Top quality, maximum safety.

How long is the warranty period for your appliances?

For the private user, Valera gives a 2-year warranty for hairdryers and all other tools.

For professional use (hairdresser, fitness studio, hotels etc.) Valera generally gives a 1-year warranty for all its appliances.

To make a claim, please read the section "Warranty conditions" in the user instructions.