Swiss Quality


VALERA looks back on 60 years of experience in the production of haircare appliances. With its in-house manufacturing and in-house research & development it stands out from most of its competitors who have their appliances designed and manufactured in China. In its own factory in Ligornetto (Switzerland), VALERA designs, develops and manufactures all its hairdryers as well as the Swiss'X hair straightener range. Our manicure/pedicure appliances are also made in Switzerland in cooperation with specialists. VALERA consistently strives to not only keep production in Switzerland, but even to expand it.

VALERA has a highly motivated team of experienced specialists – engineers, product developers and designers. They work in our factory in Ligornetto together with their colleagues in market research, as well as with the VALERA sales people and customer service. This is how VALERA ensures its products are designed specific to the market and can target customers' needs in the best way possible. Rotocord, the swivel hinge for professional hairdryer cables, is a perfect example of innovative development from the house of VALERA. A ground-breaking idea that VALERA product developers followed and successfully implemented based on tips from the craft of hairdressing.

In the VALERA production hall about 100 people work in up to six lines and assemble hairdryers and straighteners with coordinated precision. An average of 1.5 million hairdryers are produced every year. The ongoing optimization of work processes is monitored by in-house engineers and production management. This ensures the quality of the products as well as the health and occupational well-being of our employees.