NEWS - 05 November 2019

ePower 2030

Durable, professional, versatile

ePower 2030

After the great success of the ePower2020 hairdryer, awarded the Plus X Award for "Best Product of the Year 2019" – VALERA now presents the ePower2030.

Just as powerful and just as environmentally friendly, the elongated shape of the ePower2030 offers a wide range of handling options for more individuality in styling. You can hold the new hairdryer by the ergonomic handle or just as comfortably on the cool blowing barrel or motor body.

Professional hairstylists and discerning private users love this model for its excellent performance combined with low energy consumption and an extra-long service life.

The slogan "Dry smart, save energy" and the "e" in the name represent the advantages that ePower 2030 offers compared to ordinary 2000 W hairdryers:

        - "e" for energy – powerful air flow (m³/h) +22%*

        - "e" for excellence – excellent drying rate (g/min) +35%*

        - "e" for efficiency – high energy efficiency [(g/min)/Wh] +42%*

        - "e" for eco-friendly – low energy consumption [Wh/(g/min) ] -33%*

At the heart of VALERA's sustainable hairdryer concept is the EVOLUTION digital motor: small and light, but extremely powerful and durable (up to 10,000 hours). Unlike traditional motors, it does not pollute the environment with carbon dust emissions.

The ePower2030 is not short on comfort. It runs quietly and weighs just 475 grams without cable. VALERA's exclusive accessories complete the package – the ROTOCORD swivel device preventing tangles in the cord, 2 super slim professional concentrator nozzles, including the cool TOUCH ME nozzle, a curl diffuser and a practical storage bag. This new hairdryer is available in Pure White and Crystal Black.

ePower 2030 guarantees professional, environmentally-responsible hairstyling. By VALERA, Swiss Hair Specialists since 1955.


* Compared with standard 2000 W hairdryers.