NEWS - 24 January 2019

ePower 2020

Dry smart, save energy

ePower 2020

Who says that outstanding performance indicators are associated with high energy consumption, rapid component wear and a short product lifespan?

VALERA proves with its latest hairdryer, ePower 2020, that it’s possible to combine excellent drying results with a low environmental impact and a long service life.

Behind the slogan “Dry smart, save energy” and the “e” in the name, there are tangible values:

    -  “e” for energy – powerful air production (m³/h) +29%*

    -  “e” for excellence – excellent hair drying power (g/min) +26%*

    -  “e” for efficiency – high energy efficiency [ (g/min)/Wh ] +32%*

    -  “e” for eco-friendly – low energy consumption [Wh/(g/min) ]  -25%*

The “EVOLUTION Brushless Digital BLDC” motor is the latest generation of digital technology and the core of VALERA’s professional hairdryer for a sustainable future. It is small and lightweight, but extremely powerful and long-lasting (up to 10,000 hours). Unlike traditional motors, it does not pollute the environment with carbon emissions.

The ePower 2020 is ultra-silent and super light, and is fitted with all exclusive VALERA accessories: the ROTOCORD swivel device with a 3-metre cable, two ultra-slim professional concentrator nozzles, including the cool TOUCH ME nozzle and a diffuser. There’s a choice of two elegant colours: Pure White and Crystal Black.

ePower 2020 is professional hairstyling with responsibility towards the environment. By VALERA, Swiss Hair Specialists since 1955.


*Compared with standard 2000 W hairdryers.