NEWS - 27 January 2022

ePower 2010

Compact and sustainable, no compromise

ePower 2010

With the new ePower 2010, Valera completes its successful line of environmentally friendly yet powerful hairdryers with a compact model. Even the smallest (only 17 cm long) and lightest (only 445 grams without cable) of all ePower tools offers excellent performance figures in combination with low energy consumption and extra-long service life.

The slogan "Dry smart, save energy" and the "e" in the name represent the advantages that ePower 2010 offers compared to ordinary 2000 W hairdryers:

   -  "e" for energy – powerful air flow (m³/h) +41%*

   -  "e" for excellence – excellent drying rate (g/min) +28%*

   -  "e" for efficiency – high energy efficiency [(g/min)/Wh] +43%*

   -  "e" for eco-friendly – low energy consumption [Wh/(g/min)] -30%*

The EVOLUTION digital brushless motor gives the small hairdryer great power and has a long service life (up to 10,000 hours). Unlike traditional motors, it does not pollute the environment with carbon dust emissions.

To further ensure long-lasting, proper functioning, ePower 2010 features eQ-AIRcontroller, an intelligent airflow diagnostics system. A flashing blue LED light shows the user that everything is working smoothly. If it flashes red, it indicates clogged dirt or improper use.

Well-being and health are also important concepts of sustainability. Tests by independent laboratories have confirmed that Valera’s SANIFY Sanitizing System, which is based on a balanced interaction of temperature, special ionization and power of the airflow, achieves significant antibacterial, air-improving results.

ePower 2010 is the compact professional dryer for environmentally friendly hair styling. By VALERA, Swiss Hair Specialists since 1955.

*Compared with standard 2000 W hairdryers.