NEWS - 20 February 2017


Precision beard trimming


It can be that simple to accurately style your beard: the new Trimmer X-CUT by VALERA guarantees men the perfect look. Thanks to thirty (!) length settings from 0.5 to 15 mm, every man can have his own personal beard length. The minimum setting of 0.5 mm corresponds to the favorite stubble look.

X-CUT can be operated via the mains or cordless, with a battery. When fully charged, the trimmer can keep running for 90 minutes from the battery.

The X-CUT has strong stainless steel blades (32 mm wide) and a powerful motor, making it the perfect beard tool. Even when traveling, men who take care of their appearance won’t be left in the lurch: thanks to the universal voltage, the trimmer can be used anywhere in the world. It can be charged easily on the go using the USB cable provided.

VALERA is a Swiss hair specialist and is synonymous with quality and reliability for hairdryers and hair care devices.

VALERA X-CUT can also make a promise for beard trimming: precision without compromise!