NEWS - 01 September 2014

Wave Master Ionic

On the same wavelength as the stars

Wave Master Ionic


What woman does not dream of making an elegant entrance with glitz and glamour curls like a Hollywood star ?

Now there is a styling device that can make such a glittering appearance a dream come true. With its WAVE MASTER Ionic, VALERA has introduced a professional triple-curling iron that conjures up elegant waves, just like a red-carpet VIP.  

With one runner on the lower styling plate and two on the top plate, the parts fit together to create deep, soft waves. The features of the WAVE MASTER Ionic satisfy the highest demands of professional hair stylists:

  • While you style, a real ion generator emits millions of negatively charged ions to deliver shiny, smooth hair without frizz or fly-away effects.
  • The PTC Heat system quickly brings the appliance up to the set temperature and maintains a constant heat.
  • The electronic temperature control via digital display offers 8 individual settings from 140°C to 210°C. This means you can adapt your styling to the hair type and results you want – be it defined curls or neat, soft or casual waves.
  • With the temperature lock function you can be sure that the chosen temperature is maintained as you style and will not change with an accidental key press.

Soft-touch surfaces, insulating tip, plate-lock option and a professional, 3-meter long swivel cord, complete the professional range of features. 

WAVE MASTER Ionic is the new masterpiece from the house of VALERA, Swiss hair specialists since 1955.