NEWS - 31 March 2009


Full volume


Say goodbye to straightened hair sticking to your face: 
now you can enjoy smoothness and volume at the same time, 
thanks to this hugely innovative solution. 

Volumissima, a wave-shaped ultra-slim heated styling tool, 
is the result of intensive research carried out by Valera laboratories. 
The system, which creates body at the very root of the hair with a single action, 
is the only one of its kind in the world.

Hairdressers will at last be able to create volumised yet straight and smooth styles, without damaging the hair by backcombing it. 
Volume is created using just one hand and in a matter of seconds.

Valera, a Swiss company which has been involved in the haircare industry since 1955, 
has used its years of experience to design Volumissima, 
the heated hairstyling tool which is changing the concept of straightened hair.

Super-straight, of course, but also full of volume.