NEWS - 07 September 2022

Valera in first place again

For the third time in a row, Valera is the best professional hairdryer brand in Germany.

Valera in first place again

This is the result of the survey conducted by the independent industry newsletter friseur-intern in the German hairdressing sector.

Read here the translation of the article of friseur-intern 32/22:

"We sell more than just hot air“,

this is how Pascal Aenishänslin, Sales Director of Valera, one of the world's largest hairdryer manufacturers, welcomes with a smile the friseur-intern editorial team. We made this travel to beautiful Ticino to award the Swiss company with a certificate.

For three years in a row, the Swiss have been in first place in the hairdryer sub-category. Babyliss and Dyson have to settle for silver and bronze respectively (see Table 1).

If we go into the individual analysis, we see that Valera has the edge in terms of quality, functionality and warranty. In contrast, there is still some room for improvement in terms of design, service and price/performance (see Table 2). Regarding the promise to produce a "Swiss quality product", Aenishänslin explains:

"We rely on quality products. Motor, housing, cable, heating module - everything comes from European production and is assembled at our site in Ticino and in the end each product is tested individually. This is the way we guarantee the high quality. For example, the 10,000 hours service live of our top motor (BLDC Enduro) or our eQ-Air Controller, which indicates when the dryer should be cleaned. This is the case when the LED light flashes red instead of blue."

When it comes to service, the marketing man explains that as a classic wholesale supplier, one is dependent on the service competence of its distributors. That the Swiss brand is not at the top in the design rating, he explains as follows:

"We are not fancy or hip! Solidity and functionality are more important to us - just classic Swiss values."