NEWS - 08 October 2018


The new safety concept


When choosing the equipment of hotels, comfort, design and, of course, guest safety, are the primary concerns. For enhanced safety, VALERA Hospitality has devised a new concept for use in bathrooms, and is launching hairdryers on the market under the name of VALERA PROTECT. These appliances are equipped with an ElectroStop residual current device (RCD) in the wall holder. It minimizes the risk of electrocution from electric shocks caused by any potential leakage current (e.g. the hairdryer accidentally coming into contact with water). ElectroStop is essential in rooms with no residual current device. Moreover, thanks to its rated differential current 10 mA, ElectroStop is much more sensitive and effective than the commonly installed devices rated 30 mA.

The current VALERA Hospitality Catalogue offers a total of eleven PROTECT hairdryers: the new line Silent Jet Protect as well as various models in the Excel, Action and Premium lines.

For the first time ever, with SILENT JET PROTECT, VALERA is offering a line of highly professional hairdryers with wall holders for the hotel sector. The Silent Jet model of hairdryer uses VALERA’s exclusive Smart Airflow Technology to deliver maximum drying power with a minimum noise level, and it has an extremely long service life thanks to its professional AC or DC-Pro motor. This new hotel line comprises four versions:

     •    Silent Jet PROTECT 2000 Shaver - 2000W, AC motor

     •    Silent Jet PROTECT 2000 - 2000 W, AC motor

     •    Silent Jet PROTECT 1200 Shaver - 1200W, DC-Pro motor

     •    Silent Jet PROTECT 1200 - 1200W, DC-Pro motor

Since 1955, VALERA has been known for its professional hairdryers and, also in the hotel sector, its name is a synonym for quality and reliability. With the new VALERA PROTECT models, VALERA meets the highest expectations of the hotel trade, and confirms its place as the Number 1 in hotel hairdryers.