NEWS - 04 January 2017


Compact Power Package


The classic hose hairdryer – a proven concept for hotel rooms – now has a little big brother for use in high-traffic public areas such as gyms and fitness clubs. VALERA's top model from the HOTELLO range, the HOTELLO BLDC, is small only in its dimensions – its slim width (only 15 cm) fits beautifully into any setting. But does size matter when it comes to power (1500 watts) and service life.

The innovative brushless ENDURO Brushless BLDC motor delivers outstanding drying results and has a virtually endless operating life of up to 10,000 hours. Thanks to VALERA, these benefits are now being introduced into the hospitality sector. Users can enjoy faster hairdrying times compared to using conventional hose hairdryers with DC motors, while owners can revel in the durability and robustness of the appliances. When it comes to environmental protection, the new HOTELLO offers another advantage – BLDC motors do not emit carbon dust. Instead of graphite carbon brushes, which are susceptible to wear, these motors use 4 extremely powerful neodymium iron boron magnets (NdFeB)1.

Not least, HOTELLO is also a very safe appliance. This splashproof hose hairdryer features the high safety standard IP342.


1 The lathanide magnet NdFeB is a new kind of material with excellent magnetic properties.

2 IP 34 = Protection (3) against ingress of foreign solid objects ≥ 2,5 mm Ø; (4) against water splashing.