NEWS - 31 May 2017

The New Swiss Light

Hairstyling with ease

The New Swiss Light

Hairdressing isn’t for wimps. Right. But hairdressers do not have to be weightlifters, either. If you value professional performance combined with maximum ergonomic comfort, the SWISS LIGHT hairdryer from VALERA is just for you.

Swiss Light is Germany’s long-standing, best-selling ultralight professional hairdryer. And now the Swiss hair specialist VALERA is launching a new design of its featherweight model. The two models Swiss Light 3300 Ionic and Swiss Light 3200 are modern in their design, with an ergonomic grip and perfectly balanced weight distribution, weighing in at an ultralight 380 or 370 grams (without cable). Proving that drying performance is just as vital, special high-performance fan blades optimize air flow and air pressure.

Swiss Light will easily win over new fans with its new elegant look. Surely it’s not just women who prefer to use appliances that don’t strain the shoulders and joints in their daily work.

VALERA has over 60 years’ experience in hairdryers. The Swiss have always focused on developing successful products and improving ergonomics and comfort. Swiss Light is the latest example of this approach.

Swiss Light: elegant, ergonomic, light as a feather.