NEWS - 08 June 2021

Tangles? No, thanks

Discover the new Rotocord by Valera! 

Tangles? No, thanks

From Valera’s Made in Switzerland research and expertise comes Rotocord, pure innovation dedicated to hair styling professionals. The 360° rotating joint prevents the power cord from tangling when using the hairdryer. Valera’s exclusive and patented swivel device is back after 10 years in an even smarter, miniaturised design. A great idea to deliver real solutions: more safety and comfort with a slimmer, lighter design to improve the hairdresser›s experience.

360 degrees of freedom, advantages in all aspects:

More comfort for professionals and clients

Rotocord prevents the formation of tangles in the hairdryer cable, ensuring maximum ease of use and avoiding any type of discomfort for the customer while drying.

Long life to power cords

By protecting the cable from tangles, Rotocord prevents it from overheating and premature wear, giving the hairdryer long life and full functionality.

Creativity and pure working pleasure

No more messy cords, no more time wasted tidying up cables in between drying sessions. Hairdressers can just focus on the styling.

Rotocord, the innovative swivel device for hairdryer cords: unique, original and inimitable. A patented solution from Valera, Swiss Hair Specialists since 1955.