NEWS - 28 August 2020

Swiss'X Pulsecare

Always on trend in colour and style

Swiss'X Pulsecare

For those who love coloured hair and see creative styling as a must, now there's the Valera Swiss'X Pulsecare – the digital hair straighteners with Pulse Frequency System for professional straightening and curling.

With frequent heat-styling, coloured hair can lose its gloss and brilliance. With 3D Hair Color, Swiss'X Pulsecare makes sure the colour keeps its shine, with three technical features:

Temperature precision with sensor control

The temperature of the plates is constantly monitored with 200 sensor checks per second, which means Swiss'X Pulsecare maintains the exact preset temperature no matter how thick the hair or if you're straightening or curling.

The gentle power of negative ions

As you style, an extra strong ion generator produces millions of negatively charged ions. These have an anti-static effect and maintain the hair's moisture content.

Premium ceramic coating with tourmaline

With extra-thick, 5x ceramic coating, the plates glide effortlessly through the hair. The heat is evenly dissipated, giving you instantly beautiful results with less heat exposure.

The special design of Swiss'X Pulsecare with its perfectly rounded, hot-touch body delivers long-lasting curling results, while the cool tips let you hold it safely.

Valera develops and produces Swiss'X hair straighteners in Switzerland and in collaboration with experts from the hairdressing industry.

Swiss'X Pulsecare: gentle styling for coloured hair.