NEWS - 28 April 2015

Swiss Ionic Comfort

The relaxing way to style your hair

Swiss Ionic Comfort

Already got yourself a hood? No? Then it's time you discovered this new, relaxing way to style your hair. Valera is proud to introduce its Swiss-designed and made SWISS IONIC COMFORT.

More than just an old ladies' favourite, drying hoods are the classic way to dry your hair in the comfort of your own home. The drying hood looks set to enjoy a revival with curls back at the height of fashion, especially among young, trendy women. No woman can resist the comfort of drying their hair on rollers under the hot air hood: Just sit back, read a book or paint your nails and get that salon feeling. The best bit is that curls created in this classic way are full of volume and hold for longer.

The SWISS IONIC COMFORT drying hood from VALERA scores highly with its ion function for gentle drying with anti-static effect. Ions are a strong sales point for any haircare appliance on today's market, and add a modern twist to the classic drying hood.

SWISS IONIC COMFORT Mod. 513.01 – 600 W

Hood dryer for volume and hold

• Ergonomic and comfortable for a gentle styling

• Ions generator

• 3 air flow/temperature settings incl. COOL

• Ultra-light, quiet and soft floating hood

• Extra-long cable 3 m for greater mobility

• Practical travel pouch included

• Made in Switzerland

SWISS IONIC COMFORT – it's all in the name: the comfortable and gentle way to dry and style your hair, with ionic care effect. A Swiss product from VALERA, hair specialists since 1955.