NEWS - 13 November 2019


Fast, quiet, light – feel-good hairstyling


The new Swiss Silent Jet hairdryer SXJ 7700 LIGHT has everything you want for easy styling – it has the speed you need while being pleasantly quiet and lighter than similar appliances with an AC motor.

What's the secret? The new DELTA-DRIVE motor, which combines low weight with outstanding performance. Delta - Δ - stands for significantly more power, which DELTA-DRIVE motors achieve in comparison with traditional permanent magnet motors. This leap in performance all down to special, extra-powerful neodymium magnets.

VALERA's exclusive Smart Airflow Technology optimises the powerful airflow and keeps the noise output to a nice and gentle level. As a result, the SXJ 7700 dries about 35% faster1 than comparable hairdryers.

There's more to this new hairdryer than exceptional performance. Creative hairstylists and discerning individuals also love it for its unique design. Its elongated, slimline shape means you can choose how to hold it. Hold it by the handle in the classic position, or at the cool blowing barrel or at the motor body. There are no limits to individuality.

VALERA's exclusive accessories make it even more enjoyable to use – ROTOCORD (rotating element preventing tangles in the cord) and TOUCH ME (stay-cool concentrator nozzle).

Swiss Silent Jet 7700 Light meets all requirements for comfortable, professional hairstyling. Developed by VALERA, Swiss Hair Specialists since 1955.


1 Compared with hairdryers with DC motor, 20% faster than hairdryers with AC motor.