NEWS - 21 January 2022


The featherweight little powerhouse


You expect full power with compact size and low weight? Here you go with the new Swiss Nano 6300 Light from Valera! The little powerhouse has everything you want for comfortable styling: it produces a powerful airflow comparable to the performance of an AC motor, runs pleasantly quiet and is light and comfortable to hold.

What's the secret? The DELTA-DRIVE motor, which combines low weight with outstanding performance. Delta - Δ - stands for significantly more power, which DELTA-DRIVE motors achieve in comparison with traditional permanent magnet motors. This leap in performance all down to special, extra-powerful neodymium magnets.

Valera's exclusive Smart Airflow Technology optimises the powerful airflow and keeps the noise output to a nice and gentle level.

With the concept of well-being and safety in mind, Valera has equipped the Swiss Nano with the new SANIFY Sanitizing System. Independent laboratory tests have confirmed that the SANIFY system achieves significant antibacterial, air-improving results. Enjoy a safer and healthier environment during your daily hair styling.

Other technical features of the professional hairdryer:

  • 2000 Watt
  • Powerful ions generator for smoother, shinier hair without frizz
  • 6 combinations of airflow and fan plus cool air button
  • 3-metre Super-Flex cable
  • Patented ROTOCORD swivel device to prevent tangles in the cord
  • 2 super slim professional nozzles incl. TOUCH ME, the patented cool styling nozzle

Swiss Nano 6300 – professional, safe and comfortable hairstyling with a lightweight compact dryer. By VALERA, Swiss Hair Specialists since 1955.