NEWS - 21 November 2019


The lifelong hairdryer, redesigned


A twist on a successful idea – just like its popular predecessor, Swiss Power4ever, the new hairdryer Swiss Air4ever delivers super fast styling and an extra-long service life. Its special feature is its elongated, slimline design. You can hold this hairdryer by the ergonomic handle or just as comfortably on the cool blowing barrel or motor body. This opens up a whole new range of options for handling the appliance and creating beautiful hairstyles. Always safe and sound, from the comfort of the salon or your home.

This professional hairdryer leaves nothing to be desired in terms of performance and quality. Its brushless motor BLDC-ENDURO-X allows fast drying (dries up to 50% faster!1) and will keep going, virtually forever.

4 extremely strong neodymium iron boron magnets2 replace the wearable graphite carbon brushes of conventional motors. The BLDC-ENDURO-X motor guarantees an operating time of up to 10,000 hours (5 times longer than AC motors), weighs less and will not pollute the environment with carbon dust emissions.

Combined with Smart Airflow Technology, which optimises internal airflow and guarantees maximum performance with minimal noise levels, Swiss Air4ever delivers professional performance without compromise.

As you will expect, its superior features include VALERA's exclusive accessories ROTOCORD (rotating element that prevents tangles in the cord) and TOUCH ME (concentrator nozzle that does not overheat).

Swiss Air4ever – extremely powerful, extremely durable, extremely versatile.

By VALERA, Swiss Hair Specialists since 1955.



1 Compared with hairdryers with DC motor, 25% faster than hairdryers with AC motor.

 2 The rare-earth magnet NdFeB is an innovative magnetic material with excellent magnetic properties.