NEWS - 09 April 2018

Quick 24 Plus

Rollers at the ready!

Quick 24 Plus

Making a come-back, and quicker than ever before – the popular Valera heated roller set is now available as the new Quick 24 Plus (model 605.02). Now available in modern, fresh colours with improved technology. The biggest advantage for the customer – they now heat up in an instant. 

Still as simple and easy to use – heat up the 3 different sizes of 24 velvet coated rollers (8x 20, 23 and 27-mm diameter) in the unit. Roll the warm rollers into dry hair and affix them with the supplied butterfly clips or metallic clips. Allow the rollers to cool completely, unwind them and gently work the hair free with your fingers or with a wide-toothed comb. Voilà! You're all set with cute curls or voluminous waves.

Quick 24 Plus, the new heated roller set for fashionable curls by Valera, Swiss hair specialists since 1955.